Office of the Ambassador
StarGate Command


On behalf of Stargate Command, welcome to our Diplomatic Embassy. In an effort to grow and maintain healthy relationships with like-minded groups in the Star Citizen Universe this page serves as our liaison office for official communications with organizations interested in establishing an official relationship with Stargate Command.   On this page you will find information about Stargate Command such as:

Our operational capabilities & what we have to offer prospective trade partners

How our organisations work together: A brief description of the SGC Embassy Program & Link to the Embassy

If you have any questions for us please contact the liaison officer that extended this invitation to you or submit an application on the Embassy link included. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your organization.

Safe Travels and we’ll see you in the verse!

Operational Capabilities:
What do we offer prospective allies?
StarGate Command offers a broad spectrum of services. We are a centralized organization where citizens of all walks and interests can organize for a common purpose and mutual benefit. We strive to create a fun environment and provide lucrative opportunities for our membership and would approach anyone seeking a trade partnership or alliance the same way.
How do our organizations work together:
The SGC Embassy Program
Allied Trade Partner (ATP) - Allied Trade Partners are long standing partners and our closest allies. Like LTPs our relationship is outlined in a Allied Trade Accord (or ATA) albeit on a larger scale. In many ways APTs are our "Brothers in Arms (and brothers don't shake hands... they hug.) Allied Members may hold provisional officer ranks within StarGate Command and lead operations freely. Senior officers of both Organizations are authorized to offer trade agreements under the ATA to these organizations and their members and ATPs are identified to our members as an ally that they may engage with as they would with a member of our own organization. Allied leadership hold full diplomatic status and all security clearances associated with said status.
Limited Trade Partners (LTP) - Like Trade Affiliates LPT members can browse various forums, news feeds and information. Also, they are invited to join our communication server, and various games & events, but Limited Trade Partners have established a relationship with us as outline in a Limited Trade Accord or LTA. Senior officers in Stargate Command are authorized to offer trade agreements under the LTA to these organizations and their members and LTPs are identified to our members as a friendly group that they may engage with contractually. LPT leadership and official liaisons hold diplomatic status and rank and in some cases members of the LPT may hold a Provisional Officer Rank with Stargate command.
Unaffiliated Trade Partner (UTP) - Unaffiliated Trade Partners carry "visitor status" with no formal Trade Accord in place. As such UTPs are not obligated to contribute anything specific to Stargate Command, nor do they hold a diplomatic status or rank, rather they are treated as honored guests. As a UTP users can browse various forums, news feeds, and information. Also, they are invited to join our communication server, various games and events, and openly trade with SGC members in an "ad hoc" fashion. Unaffiliated Trade Partners are asked to maintain a respectful demeanor and follow basic ethical standards as set out by a simple Embassy Code of Conduct.
Poaching policy:
Our appeal of friendship is sincere and honorable. Unless official diplomats from an affiliate organization makes specific, written recommendations that we agree to, any applications from your members for full membership would not be honored. We have made this very clear to our members and any deviation is not tolerated. If any individuals within SGC attempt to poach, the issue would be promptly addressed by our Leadership, which could lead to significant consequences. We ask that affiliate organizations we interact with abide by a similar policy in regards to our members.